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Name: Rocky






Adopt Me


Reduced adoption fee of only $100.

Rocky says: I am a keen walker and love to be out and about. An adoptive family that likes to take walks and show me off would be fantastic. I also think it is lovely to take a snooze, so a family that has pillows and blankets to share would be a huge hit. I like kids 10+, I like snuggles, I like adventures, but most of all, I really, really, like people to adore me. I close my eyes, tilt up my chin and do the dog equivalent of purring. I am well trained in how to behave inside (you know - the whole potty-thing). I'm quiet and friendly and while I am not as inclined to romp and run with the dogs, I enjoy hanging out with them. I also like a game of fetch with a soft toy (squeaky toys are the bomb!). No, I'm not a puppy, but who wants to worry about the shoes being eaten?? Do you have room in your heart for this medium energy level, middle aged gentleman?