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My Mutt


We just received an incredible offer to celebrate our 20th Anniversary from Pet Food Express!

If we sell 10 “My Mutt” photo / advertising shoots (with all proceeds going to Hopalong), Pet Food Express will give us a matching gift of $5000! That is $10,000 total for Hopalong which will make a HUGE difference with the amount of animals we can help rescue!

A professional photographer will capture your pet (dog, cat, bunny, hamster etc.) and feature it in a giant poster in the new Pet Food Express store in Piedmont that is getting ready to open.

PFE announces: “We can help make your pet a star! We hire a professional pet photographer to arrange a photo shoot of your adorable critter. And once you choose an image, we will blow up the photo to poster size and will put it on display in the new Piedmont store! You get to see your “celebrity” pet every time you shop for food and supplies. Next time you are in one of our stores, you can check out all the wonderful pictures of people’s pets on the walls and in the windows. Number one, people love seeing their pets larger than life on the walls and in the windows of the stores. Not to mention, people love sending their friends and family to the stores to see their baby’s photo!”

For a donation of $500 or more, the huge image will be up for a year, and then you get to take it home! This is truly priceless!

HELP US REACH 10!!!! Call Juliet at 415-342-9949 to purchase over the phone! Or go to our donate page and place a donation for $500 and email us at to tell us you signed up and we will get the rest of your contact info!