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Pet Survivor Program (PSP)

Planning ahead is the best insurance.

It’s an all-too familiar scenario: cages of despondent animals in shelters with the words “owner died” or “owner in nursing home” on their name cards. Many of these animals are senior pets who have little chance of being adopted because they are competing for space with much younger animals for adoption.

Many animals end up in shelters and are needlessly euthanized because their owners didn’t plan for their care after they are unable to provide it. Established by Hopalong in 2001, the Pet Survivor Program (PSP), formerly known as HARPS, is a formal arrangement between Hopalong and pet owners. The plan becomes effective when a pet’s owner passes away or becomes incapacitated. In such an event, we will step in based on their planned bequest, and make sure that their furry family members are cared for and placed in loving homes. We then become the pet’s guardian and advocate.

Our pets depend on us for food, shelter and companionship. If you’re not there, who will provide it?

The goals of the PSP program are two-fold: to ensure that your beloved pet never ends up in a shelter, and to give peace of mind to participants at a time when they are coping with difficult life decisions. We are able to help what are often senior or special-needs animals using the resources provided by PSP participants, coupled with the great network of foster homes and adopters who recognize the wonderful attributes of senior animals.

With the Pet Survivor Program, you can have peace of mind now knowing that we will be your pet’s guardian later.

If you are interested in participating in the PSP program or have general estate planning questions, please contact Juliet Boyd, Executive Director at (510) 267-1915 x111  or by email at