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Special Needs / Urgent Medical Care

For 21 years, Hopalong has rescued over 24,000 animals and the list continues to grow. Typically, the animals that pass through our doors, receive medical care in some form or another. All of our animals receive routine vaccines and get dewormed, de-fleaed and spay/neutered. Unfortunately, many animals arrive sick or injured and need critical medical care in addition to getting basic treatments. We make sure that they get all of the medical care that they need to live happy and healthy lives.

On average, Hopalong pays $140 – $150 for each animal. This cost covers food, shelter, supplies, spay/neuter, vaccinations and other expenses that come up for our foster parents (e.g. we pay all of the expenses for our fosters). However, each year, 60% of the animals that we rescue require advanced medical treatments that significantly increase our costs to manage their health appropriately.

In addition to incurring routine and advanced medical care costs, we are also dedicated to rescuing a big percentage of “special needs” and “senior” animals that are at a greater risk of getting euthanized in the overcrowded shelters in 11 counties. In fact, our Founder, Helen Hill, rescued an 8-year old cat that had been hit by a car. Though he survived, his front paw never healed properly. Helen adopted him and named him Hopalong. Read more.

“Because of your support – we are currently up 40% in adopting out ‘special needs’ and ‘senior’ animals!”

There are many ways for you to give a gift of any size and each gift helps us to save neglected, abused or injured animals to get a second chance to live happy and healthy lives.

Some of the special needs/urgent medical care your gift will support:
Surgeries, x-rays, medicine, lab tests, frequent visits to vet hospitals, therapy treatments, special diets and supplements, and equipment for safety in the home.

No matter how you choose to contribute, please accept our heartfelt thanks for supporting our efforts to save homeless animals.

To learn more about our special needs/urgent medical care program, please contact Juliet Boyd, Director at or 510-267.1915.