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Corporate / Foundation Partners

Our partners play an essential role in helping Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue to rehabilitate, foster, and adopt out countless animals from the streets and shelters by creating new initiatives, expanding key programs and accelerating our mission across local and national regions.

For the past 21 years, Hopalong has rescued over 24,000 animals. There are many ways for companies of any size to get involved, and each gift helps us accomplish key strategic initiatives in the areas of high risk animal rescue, education, medical aid, program development, behavioral evaluation, spay / neuter and “second-chance” animal placement. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals on euthanasia lists from countless shelters across California.

Why partner with Hopalong:

We are 100% foster-based, which significantly increases our ability to find permanent homes

Because our animals are placed in foster homes, we are in a unique position to get a highly detailed overview of the animal’s true nature once he/she has left the overcrowded shelter and has gotten a chance to catch up on sleep, get a lot of TLC, eat well, and relax in a comfy foster home – often for the first time ever.

Typically, within 3 days – we see a complete metamorphosis. A cowering dog in a shelter cage can transform into an entertainer or an affectionate lap dog.

We are in constant contact with our fosters who report the unique personality traits that begin to emerge as well as how the animals get along with other animals, kids, space in the home, strangers etc.

We never “move” our animals quickly to get them immediately adopted and hope for the best. The re-abandonment rate of newly adopted shelter animals is over 50%, so we want to take the time to make sure our dogs and cats find the right family and STAY in their homes permanently. That requires achieving the best match possible up front.

Education programs for kids and youth-at-risk are customized one community at a time

In order to resonate with kids in a particular community and to help prepare them to grow into responsible pet guardians, we understand the importance of speaking their language. Where and how the kids live determines how they learn and relate to animals.

We customize our programs (e.g. assembly, after-school workshop, field trip, etc.) and type of materials (presentations directly from members of our Kids Ambassadors Club, live animal demonstrations, creative art projects, videos, etc.) to optimize the ideal teaching environment to make learning fun and engaging.

We cover more counties than everyone else – and our list is growing.

Today, we pull animals out of multiple high-risk shelters and off of euthanasia lists in 11 counties.

We have a “special needs” medical program for shelter animals that are often overlooked

Because of our strong partnerships with local vets, and our specific medical fund allocated for pre-adoption treatment and critical care, we are able to help sickly and injured animals that are usually at the top of euthanasia lists.

A simple surgery or basic dose of medicine will often bring a cat or dog back to health and give he or she a chance to join the others that are eagerly awaiting a chance to find a home. We never adopt out sick animals, and we pride ourselves on pulling these animals in need (seniors and medical) that are often overlooked and typically have the lowest rates of survival in the shelters.

Hopalong animal rescues are for life

We take our animals back no matter how long ago they were adopted. Because of our thorough temperament testing and foster knowledge that are handled up front in all of our standard adoption procedures, we have a very low rate of animals that are returned to the shelters post-adoption from Hopalong.

Hopalong Animal Rescue has a stellar reputation in the Bay Area (e.g. local vets, shelters, rescue communities, general public). We are proud of our long-standing and well-earned honor. We work hard!

Ways to partner with Hopalong:

We are happy to customize sponsorship packages and to test-drive new methods of partner promotions so don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Funding
  • Event sponsorships
  • Co-branding (print, web, video, events, social)
  • Pro bono or low-cost services
  • In-kind donations
  • Foundation grants
  • Employer-sponsored giving campaigns
  • Matching gifts


Some of the programs your partnership will support:
As a partner, you will help us continue to enrich the lives of people and animals by bringing everyone together through our community support programs.
  • Spay / Neuter
  • Special Needs / Urgent Care
  • Rescue, Foster & Adoption
  • Youth Education Programs
  • Behavioral Training
  • Pet Survivor Coverage


Benefits of Partnering with Hopalong
  • Hopalong Programs serve a variety of community outreach projects that will inspire customers, clients, and employees to get involved.
  • Hopalong is recognized for leading new trends on animal rescue that appeals to multiple age groups.
  • Increase brand recognition and promotional opportunities across multiple marketing channels (print, web, video, events, social).
  • Hopalong events provide excellent opportunities to show customer, client and employee appreciation.
  • Charitable gifts and product donations are tax deductible.
No matter how you choose to contribute, please accept our heartfelt thanks for supporting our efforts to save homeless animals.
To learn more about joining us as a partner, please contact Juliet Boyd, Director at or 510-267.1915.