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A Home for the Holidays

Who doesn’t love a fuzzy ball of kitten energy? No one, that’s who! Which is why adult cats are often overlooked when people are looking to expand their furry family. Sure, babies are irresistible, but can be exhausting and mischievous. Adult cats offer the same sort of companionship the little ones do, but are usually over their hooligan phase and can provide you with that calm, purry, cuddle bug you’re ultimately looking for.



From Friday, November 15 – Tuesday, December 31st, Hopalong Animal Rescue will be adopting out the adult cats shown below for $10 to qualified homes.


ROCKY was weak, sickly, and not expected to live. But he’s a fighter, and fought to survive, then thrived! That’s how he got his name. He’s a good looking kittie, with a sweet personality. Rocky is not at all shy and happily interacts with anyone that comes along. Don’t let his serious expression and tough name fool you. Rocky’s a lover. Limited exposure to both dogs and children saw no hissing, growling, or adverse effects. ADOPTED



POLLY is a beautiful dilute Torti with impeccable manners. She has an enlarged dewclaw on her front left paw, which looks ‘polydactyl’. Her eyes are golden. Polly is a reserved, well behaved, quiet little girl. She likes to play interactively, but takes her time warming up to people. But her charming personality is worth the wait. No negative reaction during limited exposure to chldren or dogs.


BOOTSY absolutely loves people and instantly starts rubbing on his cat tree when you enter the room. He adores head, ear and chin scratches and can’t get enough lounge-time with his person. Bootsy would love to find a low-key home. He would prefer a house with older kids who can let him enjoy a mellow atmosphere. He is fine with other cats, but would be just as happy to be an only child. Bootsy would like to find a dog-free home.


FLOWER is an all-around wonderful cat. She’s affectionate, easy-going , playful and tolerant. She would love to find a home where she’ll be spoiled and doted on. She would like to find a home with feline friends she can pal around with and would probably be fine with cat savvy dogs and gentle kids. Flower would love to find a family that will keep her mainly indoors. She would probably appreciate supervised outdoor time with her people too! ADOPTED



SCOOTER is looking for his forever family, who will accept him with open arms, no matter how long it takes for him to get used to his surroundings. Once Scooter gets comfortable, he’ll become your sidekick. He’s sweet, very affectionate and even enjoys lap time, but is very shy in the beginning and will hide until he’s ready to join in on the fun. Scooter must go to a home with other cats, as they really help boost his confidence. Scooter is looking for an adult-only, dog-free home that will show him how truly lovely life can be.


RASPUTIN is a very affectionate, sweet boy who loves lounging in the sun and giving his people tons of head butts. He’s ok with other cats, but prefers to be the star of the show. This handsome boy will be your favorite cuddle partner! Rasputin must be adopted to a dog-free home. He is ok with kids over 10 years old.ADOPTED



POPPY is a sweet girl who enjoys head rubs and spending time with her people. She’s a typical tortie and likes everything on her terms. She’s ok with mellow cats that give her space, but would prefer to be the star. She would prefer a dog-free home with kids 6+.ADOPTED



ZACK is a complete cuddle bug once he warms up to you. He’s pretty shy in the beginning, but once he gets used to his environment, he’ll come out for pets and head rubs. Zack gets along really well with other cats and would probably benefit from a friend that can show him the ropes. He would prefer a dog free home with cat savvy kids over 10 years old.ADOPTED



COCO is very shy until she feels secure with her surroundings. She loves being an indoor cat but also has a highly inquisitive side so she loves to see what’s happening outside from the front porch. She loves warm places, like the top of the TV receiver behind the flat panel and will sit there for hours. She also loves to be under the bed covers and when she gets to know her new family will love to sit next to people she’s close to. She loves and always responds to the “shakin'” sound of the crunch treat bag. She started out on dry food but when her step-sibling brother cat had to go on a wet food diet she adapted easily to wet food and loves the chicken and fish based products. She gets bored with most toys but loves the “cat dancer” and anything she can swat.


OOLA is the more outgoing of the two sisters. She’s a bit braver and more people friendly. She is a true watch kitty! She enjoys sleeping on a bed during the day but keeps guard duty at night.She gets along well with her sister Zoli, but is a little hesitant around new kitties. Although she would like to find a home with Zoli, the girls aren’t that bonded and can be adopted separately to the purr-fect families. (If the two sisters are adopted together, the adoption fee is $10 for both of them.) Neither cat likes to be picked up but instead comes to you for attention quite often, especially in the evenings for lap time. They would prefer a quiet home where they can be the only pets.



ZOLI likes to cuddle and will often softly “talk” to you if spoken to. Zoli loves her toys. She will pull them out of a toy box but hasn’t learned to put them away yet. She loves to give headbutts and receive tons of pets.She gets along well with her sister Oola, but is a little feisty when meeting new cats. Although she would like to find a home with Oola, the girls aren’t that bonded and can be adopted separately to the purr-fect families. (If the two sisters are adopted together, the adoption fee is $10 for both of them.) Neither cat likes to be picked up but instead comes to you for attention quite often, especially in the evenings for lap time. They would prefer a quiet home where they can be the only pets.



JASMINE is a sleek beauty. After settling into a new environment she bonds with her people and seeks lots of attention. She greets you at the door and stays underfoot until she gets the love she knows she deserves. She rolls on her back to get tummy rubs but watch out – when you withdraw your hand she will gently but firmly reach out and grab it to let you know you’re not finished yet.


MAU With her silver spots and green eyes this regal beauty resembles the Egyptian Mau breed thought to be cat ancestors. She is initially shy in new environments and may pick one person to bond with. After adjusting she is attentive and talkative and will tell you about her wishes for attention with a series of chirps and tiny mews. She follows her people and sits next to them for affection. Mau is also a hunter stalking toy mice and chasing moving string-on-a-stick type toys.


DOTTIE is a beautiful, sweet and outgoing lady who would prefer to have her people all to herself. Although she does tolerate other cats, she likes being the queen of the castle! Because Dottie does overstimulate a bit, she should go to a home with children over 16 years old. She would prefer to be an indoor/outdoor cat.


RAVEN is a friendly, compassionate young cat who raised 5 kittens of her own and then took on 6 other motherless kittens. Now she is ready to begin the next chapter of her life as a playful kitten-like sweetheart. As an uber-mommy she was very protective of her kittens but will adjust to other cats, with time.


CREAMSICLE is an extroverted snuggly chatty cat. She loves attention and likes to play with toys, especially anything that humans wave around for her to chase. Creamsicle gets along with calm dogs.


ALICE is a beautiful Long hair girl with quite a story to tell. She came to us, along with her sister Tina, after having been attacked by a dog. Alice suffered some puncture wounds, but has since healed up well. Because of her experience, Alice is wary of strangers and dogs. She will need a quiet, adult only home who understands her sensitive nature, and who will give her time to adjust.
Alice 1