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Humane Education

Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue are committed to educating people of all ages about the needs of pets, humane treatment, bite prevention and spay/neuter programs in order to promote kind and caring behavior and attitudes towards animals. We are also involved in community initiatives and collaborations that promote proactive strategies to reducing pet overpopulation.

What is Humane Education?

Humane education teaches people how to accept and fulfill their responsibility to companion animals. It teaches people to understand the consequences of irresponsible behavior and finally, humane education encourages the value of all living things.

Hopalong believes that everyone can learn to live compassionately. We work with teachers, student groups, after school programs, parents, pet stores, vet clinics and more to help spread this message. We are happy to work with you and your specific needs- along with our pre-made programs and lesson plans, we can tailor the message of compassion and responsibility in order to form a partnership with your organization.

What can Hopalong offer your classroom?

Hopalong offers free humane education programming in the East Bay and beyond. We can schedule interactive and engaging class visits or assemblies to your school and present lessons to students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. The lessons are standard aligned and address recommended character education values.

We offer assemblies, single-session lessons and well as multi-unit lessons. Presentations are 15-30 minutes for younger children and 45-60 minutes for older students. All lessons can be adjusted to your classroom schedule and current curriculum needs.

Why is humane education important to your students?

Humane education programs play a critical role in promoting the welfare of animals and people in our community. Our programs encourage youth to develop and express attitudes of compassion, kindness and respect for all living things. Humane education has been shown to be a critical tool in preventing violence to both animals and people.

rollie cesar chavezSample Education Programs

  • **Assembly: Pets in the community- suitable for middle and high school
  • ** Single session lesson: “What do kids and pets have in common?” – suitable for grades K-2
  • **Multi-session lesson: “Compassion: people and animals.” – suitable for grades 3-5
  • **Multi-session lesson: “Pit bulls and stereotypes.” -suitable for grades 5-7
  • **Free Pet Ambassadors programming (Check us out the 3rd Saturday of the month at Alameda See Spot Run)- suitable for kids of all ages
  • **Career Days
  • **Support for animal clubs and after school programming
  • **Support for family groups for children of all ages
  • **Single session lessons on pet safety and shelter tours with our partners at Oakland Animal Services and Berkeley Animal Care Servicse (suitable for all ages)

Getting Hopalong to you is simple!

Just contact us today and someone will be in touch with you within 2 business days (but probably sooner!).

In past years, our education program reached over 500 school age children!

By increasing awareness about kindness, responsibility, compassion and safety, we hope to make Animal Ambassadors out of all Bay Area youth!