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Sweetie Wiley

One look at this sweet face and we were hooked. We adopted Catherine in January of 2009 and quickly changed her name to “Sweetie”. After 9 years of unconditional love and joy we recently said goodbye to our little girl to save her the suffering and indignity of a slow decline due to liver disease.

Sweetie was a first class love bug, a fastidious groomer, a sun-worshiper and a talented ‘soccer player’. She possessed strong communication skills and would carefully select the right chirp, mew, squeak, cackle, or meow based on the situation. She would ferociously terrorize her toys one minute before patiently, lovingly licking and grooming them in the next. And, when so moved, she would search us out and demand that we follow her to the room of her choosing so to be close. She had an out-sized personality to match her capacity for love, she was our treasure.

Somehow Sweetie made her way to Hopalong after a rough start in life. And Hopalong made it possible for us to find her. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity to bring the prettiest, fluffiest, 10 pound, feisty bundle of love and joy into our lives. We are forever changed for having her in our life and our hearts will forever hold a special place for this sweet girl.

~ Loving parents,
Marlie and Zach Wiley
March 9, 2018


Luna Rickman

Dear Hopalong,

In September of 2005 we adopted Luna from you at a PetSmart adoption event near Berkeley. She passed away last Friday, at the age of 13-14. We are fairly devastated right now, but I wanted to thank you for allowing us to have this wonderful dog. She was our everything, our soul mate, for the past 11 years, and if it hadn’t been for your organization we would never have found her. We now live in Richmond, VA, but Luna has traveled with us all over the country, and even got to live in Manhattan for three years. To this day I cannot- for the life of me – understand how she was on a list to be put down, or turned in twice for adoption. She had such a great personality and spirit, and so many of our friends and family are also upset by her passing. We tell everyone about our serendipity with finding Luna and have been advocates of foster dog adoption every since. Hopalong does such a good thing, I hope that you are able to continue to find second and third chances for all of the other Luna-dogs.

~ Sincerely,
Bill and Victoria Rickman
October 21, 2016


When we got her from you she was named Xena. We changed it to Neena. She had a severe blood disorder that we tried for 3 years to save her to the tune of $35K+, but she kept losing all her blood platelets every Christmas. Once she was off her meds she was gone in a week.

Neena loved to lick. She was such a love bug. The Tibetan Spaniel mix you see was also from Hopalong. You called her Peek-a-boo, now Lola. We got her at 10 months and now she is 13. The other is Zoe from Oakland SPCA. They all loved to play together and Neena was so silly. We miss her very much. She was only 5 years old.

~ We just thought you should know how much we loved her.


Simon– born April 11th, 2009—died June 16th, 2015

He climbed onto my husband’s shoulders and conveniently tucked his hind paws into his front shirt pockets.

He regularly instigated games of hide n seek around corners in the house.

He loved to hitch a ride on the dust mop.

He frequently drowned his toy mouse in his water dish.

He fetched a ball tirelessly.

He let me pick him up–he’d flop back offering his tummy for me to kiss while he furiously “made muffins” in my hair.

He’d jump up and “bat” my legs (no claws) to get my attention for treats or love.

He loved to be the center of attention at parties.

He greeted us at the door ALWAYS!

He cuddled with us at night.

He was a JOY in our home–he brightened each of our days.

Simon succumbed to sudden death from HCM (hypertropic cardiomyopathy) while at the vets for a well kitty check-up. This disease goes almost completely undiagnosed as there are seldom if ever any symptoms until they suddenly die. Our hearts are forever broken! We miss him every hour and our home feels so empty without him.

~ Loving owners (ownees)
Peggy and Jordan Rogers

“We feel so fortunate that Ariel was such a big part of our lives. She made it so much richer and we wouldn’t have experienced that without your rescue group.

We adopted Ariel in 2000 when she was just one year young. She passed away in December of 2015 at the age of 16.

Ariel was just a puppy when she was rescued by a boater who found her swimming for her life in the middle of Clear Lake. Ariel’s swimming skills and determined will to live, paid off. We are so fortunate that she hung in there and came to live with us for 15+ years. She taught us how to have fun, how to relax, how to age gracefully and with dignity and to never give up, even when you can’t walk (by yourself).

We miss our best friend and teacher. We spent many, many hours hiking in the woods, chasing squirrels and rabbits and playing with our friends.

She taught us so much. We love you Ariel and will always miss you.”

~ From her loving parents