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Meet Oliver


Meet Oliver, our very special dog with an extraordinarily unique history.


Oliver with fuzzy thing.

This young boy was recently flown over from South Korea with 56 other dogs who were rescued from a meat farm by the Humane Society for the United States. They arrived in the Bay Area and were divided up among the 4 main humane groups. We were contacted to help provide support for some of the dogs who needed extra assistance and had trouble adjusting. In a nutshell, many of these dogs had never stepped foot out of a grated cage, and had to learn how to be a dog.


Oliver on a RUG!
Oliver is one of those, and has been in a fantastic foster home of ours while being introduced to just about ‘everything’ (doors, light switches, standing on the floor, grass, people etc.) in life for the first time. He is just beginning his journey in transitioning to dog life, but he has progressed beautifully and quickly while in a home. We have decided to put him up for adoption so that he can continue his learning curve and training with his new, permanent home and family. He will bond quickly, but he has a long way to go, and a lot of work in front of him. He is not your typical dog, and is looking for a family with patience, solid experience with dogs, and a willingness to work with him and teach him about all the new things in the world that he is learning about for the first time.
When we first met him a month ago, he was cowered in a corner, pacing frantically, and would not let anyone touch him. Now, he is playful, loving, and learning how to trust people for the first time. He does have quirky issues and special needs however, and we’re looking for just the right fit for him.

Below is a list that his wonderful foster mother put together regarding a current snapshot of this little boy:

“The things he needs to work on are going to take TIME and whoever adopts him should be ready / willing to keep working with him!”


Oliver in his own yard!
  • Oliver is a great, sweet dog who loves the outdoors and playing with other dogs. He is also warm with people, kids and babies – but may take a few moments upon first meeting to say hello (perhaps a little more so with males)
  • Oliver can be skittish when it comes to new things and startling noises. Surprisingly he doesn’t have issues with loud noises like the vacuum, blenders or even outside construction work!
  • Oliver has HIGH prey drive. No cats or critters in the household. He also seems to be a runner that would take off after a squirrel if you let him off leash. He does seems to be fine in dog parks and not looking to jump fences since he is so engaged with the other dogs inside.
  • Oliver would do best in an active home where he will be taken out for runs/hikes
  • Oliver sleeps through the night with no issues in a crate. During the day he goes in and out of his crate with no issue, however, once you close the gate and he can still hear you in the house, he will bark incessantly. He seems to be getting better as he will eventually stop…but he can easily start back up if he hears a noise. Note – he is fine being in the crate as long as you are nearby and he can see you.
  • He is working on potty training – he does start to circle as a sign he needs to go outside
  • Spray bottle works incredibly well in terms of corrections
  • He seems to be more play motivated vs food motivated (especially with specific toys – he seems to love my cat toys)
  • He is an agility dog! He has springs in his legs and is fast!!! He is pretty good at fetching in terms of returning the ball too!
  • Loves toys in general – will jump from one to another and he has a few favorites that can occupy him for a bit…but he is a mover and roams around the house, picking up different toys along the way”

Oliver and friends!