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Name: Banjo

  • Mix/Breed: Terrier mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 1 year
  • Weight: 20 lbs.


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This adorable, freckled cutie is Banjo! He’s a fun, people-loving dog, who will shower you with affection from the moment he sets eyes on you. He’s incredibly smart, and loves chewing on any toy that squeaks. Banjo has lots of energy and enjoys running around in a backyard. He also loves a good cuddle session once he has tired himself out. He’s not super needy and so far hasn’t exhibited any separation anxiety when left alone in a room. He does well on a leash, but does get excited when he sees another dog, and may tug or become vocal. He’s very curious about cats, but will generally leave them alone when he realizes they don’t want to play with him.

He’s honestly such a great companion and super chill - anyone would be lucky to have him as a member of their family!