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Name: Barbara ADOPTED

  • Mix/Breed: Poodle/Schnauzer Mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 6 years
  • Weight: under 20 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED


Adopt Me


Have you been looking for a well-behaved, mild-mannered, quiet, mellow, gentle, affectionate, house trained, non-destructive, 12lb adult dog that has the body of a poodle and the face of a mini schnauzer? Well, YOUR SEARCH IS OVER!

Barbara is a dream of a dog, and would be perfect for first time dog adopters (but hey, if you're dog experienced, that's great too!) We suspect she used to live in a home as she came potty trained and enjoys being on a lap. If you rub her head, she'll make happy groaning noises and push her face into your hand.

Barbara loves walks -- she gets so excited when she knows she is about to go out - and does very well on leash. She hasn't seemed all that interested in the other adult dog in the house or in playing with toys but maybe that'll change once she's comfortable somewhere. She currently sleeps and hangs out in her pen at night and when we're at work- she doesn't mind and is very good, although we're sure she would much rather sleep on a dog bed near you. When we're home, she has full access to the house and chills quietly or follows us around. She hasn't been left completely alone yet (always with another dog in the house) but hasn't shown any signs of separation anxiety. She hasn't been kid or cat tested. She's a little jumpy/timid and can flinch when quick movements happen near her face so a house without young kids would probably be best.

She came with that trademark schnauzer beard but it was matted around her nose and mouth and therefore we gave her a trim (pictures are pre and post trim for full effect). She was very tolerant about it. She will need regular grooming to keep her hair tangle free.

Definitely make a plan to meet to this sweet girl. She deserves the best, most loving home ever!