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Name: Bermuda


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From my foster:
“Bermuda is a very pretty black and white cat with big white whiskers. She has raised a litter of six kittens and is now ready to head out on her own to find her forever home. If you are looking for a social cat who loves to be petted, this cat is for you. As soon as you enter the room, Bermuda will come up to greet you, looking for some affection and rubbing up against you. She will follow you around the house and especially likes to be rubbed under the chin and on the neck. If she hasn’t gotten her fill of loving, she will rub up against your legs to remind you she is looking for more affection. She also enjoys being held and being combed so she can look extra pretty. Bermuda is a calm, gentle cat who never gets excited. Although very slender, she has a healthy appetite. Bermuda is perfect for someone looking for a young, mellow cat who is very affectionate. She would do well as an only cat in the household.”