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Name: Brimley

  • Mix/Breed: Wire-Haired Terrier mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 8 years
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Location: Courtesy Listing



From her family:
This is Brimley, and she is super cute! She is being rehomed by her loving parents who adore her because she is having issues with the new baby and getting very stressed.

She needs a household with only one person in it as she bonds strongly to that individual person. This individual should understand dog behavior, and ensure she is able to maintain her boundaries and feel safe. Ideally someone who likes to go hiking, trail running, and general outdoor adventure stuff. She is well trained with all basic commands, crate trained, excellent off leash, loves to do tricks, swim, play fetch, and catch frisbees. Travels well in the car, and doesn’t chew up things in the house. She is entertaining, curious, climbs cliffs like a billy goat, and has truly been a great companion. We are looking for a household where there is ample room outside, not just a backyard. Or if her new pet parent hiked or ran daily on trails. She absolutely loves this type of environment. She responds beautifully to people with a lot of dog experience who are good as pack leaders.

She does have a few behavioral issues to note, and we want to set her up for success and be completely open and honest as she means the world to us. She should not be around babies or children. We are looking for a household where she is the only pet. She is a high maintenance dog with anxiety, trust issues, and is territorial.

We love her, and she’s been with us since 3 months old, but we had a baby. Brimley is showing aggression toward the baby, and we aren’t able to give her the exercise and attention she needs and wants. She needs an experienced home where she can shine.