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Name: Capricorn

  • Mix/Breed: DSH / Black with White
  • Sex/Age: Male / 4.5 months
  • Weight:
  • Location: Courtesy Listing


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“CAPRICORN is a kitten from a litter of three affectionate playful curious, rambunctious, energetic, purring males, comfortable being handled. He has developed into a conscientious clean kitty, always good with the litter box; loves climbing cat trees and is fabulous with scratching posts. He loves to be carried and will stay relaxed and purring until he feels playful; almost fearless, mischievous, incredibly sweet and good-natured, always purring when handled.

His diet has lately consisted of dry and wet food: Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Cat & Kitten turkey and duck; Pro Plan Purina wet food. He loves chasing and eating round Purina Dental Life treats. He is not a picky eater.

When outside being carried, he does get scared from passing cars; and indoors, sometimes the vacuum clearer - the only things he has shown to rattle him. He will stand at your feet before you know it. He will bite fingers and legs and hasn’t quite learning to be a little gentle at play. He can be directed to a toy, a paper bag of most any size or cat wand or spring. He will follow you everywhere, whether working at your desk, eating, writing, doing anything around the house, including the bathroom and shower, where he is as curious as always and will eventually head for the toilet paper roll if not out of his reach. He is accustomed taking rides in the car, having his bed to lay down in helps, and has even gone to the park though he sometimes fights having his leash put on.

He will explore and climb into anything available: waste baskets, cupboards, the freezer, cupboards, and even the dishwasher if it is open - so be careful with him. And he’s very fast - and will get under your feet before you know it (!) He can spend a lot of time attacking his springs and loves cat wands, which he wrestle and then carry off. He enjoys paper filled cardboard boxes, and playing with other cats or kittens. Older cats will not appreciate his endless play and attacking. If there is another kitten for him to play with, that could probably be ideal.”

Interested people should contact Larry at lwsager@att.net