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Name: Carl and Jr.

  • Mix/Breed: Chiweenies
  • Sex/Age: Males / 5.5 months
  • Weight: under 15 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster



Adopt Me


Meet Carl and Junior – a bonded pair of brothers looking for a home together.

We think Carl and Junior ran away from home to join the circus, decided circus life wasn’t for them, and ran away from the circus to find a home! They have obviously picked up clowning and entertaining skills somewhere. They are the funniest little dynamic duo you’ll ever meet, they love to zoom, nap, zoom some more, nap some more, and show you how high they can jump (pretty high!). They are BIG personalities – Carl is the ring leader with the cutest under-bite. Junior is the follower with a heart of gold, always there to back up Carl in any shenanigans he might get into. They sleep curled up together in a ball and Junior snores like a sailor. Both love to cuddle in your lap and luckily they are so small both will fit! They love plush toys and chewy bones.

The boys are doing great with their potty training and use the pee pad in their pen 99% of the time (even if they are outside of their pen, they will run back into the pen to go). They are voracious eaters and love to perform for treats. Carl tends to bark when he is first contained in his exercise pen, but both dogs settle down quickly when they realize it is time to rest. They take correction well without cowering.

If you are looking for hilarious entertainment, lap cuddles, best friends, loyal companions – look no further. This package deal is for you!!