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Name: Charlie

  • Mix/Breed: DSH / White with Black
  • Sex/Age: Male / 12 years
  • Weight:
  • Location: in Foster


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Adopt Me


Charlie is a big, awesome older gentleman and a staff favorite. He was abandoned by his owner, but luckily he found his way back to us and we are determined to find him a loving new forever home. He’s a very unique dude with a complicated personality. He’s great for someone who wants sweet mixed with a little bit of sour. He’s extremely sweet 90% of the time and loves to rub up against you and get head rubs. However, he can get overstimulated at times and randomly lash out, but he also feels remorse after.

He’s super playful for being a senior cat, and loves to play with string toys. He has a major shoe fetish and loves to sniff and cuddle with shoes (the stinkier the better!) He’s very affectionate and likes to sleep on your lap. He’s very entertaining and has such a unique personality and look. He does not get along well with other animals, and would like to be the only pet in the home. He probably wouldn’t do well with kids either, and seems to prefer women over men. His ideal home is with a single woman with no other pets, who lives in a quiet environment. If you want a super sweet, hilarious older cat and don’t mind the occasional love nip, Charlie’s the cat for you!

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