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Name: Chubby

  • Mix/Breed: Pitbull mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 3 months
  • Weight: Estimate 70 lbs. full grown
  • Location: ADOPTED 1/15


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Meet sweet Chubby. A big dog with a big heart, ready to be part of a family. Within a day in our foster care, Chubby has learned to jump through our doggie door, pee mostly on potty pads, can almost hold it through the night, and we are working hard on "crate training", which Tubby will share that he definitely is not a fan of. He does not like to be away from his people. and will cry himself to sleep if left alone. Overtime with routine. I'm sure he will become more comfortable with it.

Chubby has the sweetest personality, and loves all people and dogs he has met so far. It's like the world is his best friend. He doesn't understand his own size and it's important to start his training soon to teach him boundaries. He is still a baby that has to be introduced slowly to the world. He was initially scared of car rides, scared of new surroundings, at first we couldn't even get him to walk on grass, but we can see with each time, he grows more confident. We hope Chubby will find that perfect family that will love him forever, spend time training him, and understand him and his breed. He is a sweet and loving dog with a lot of puppy energy ready to rumble.