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Name: Churrita

  • Mix/Breed: Chi mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 5 months
  • Weight: under 15 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


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Churrita is a fun little puppy. She loves to engage with the world and spend time with her foster mom. She likes being held by me and others, but does NOT like being picked up. She get's anxious and barky when she's with others, but will calm down once held. She's not aggressive or mean, just anxious. Churrita is good about using her pee pads for going to the bathroom, but hasn't learned to go outside yet. We have started a few walks on leash, but it's hard when she does not like for me to approach her to put the leash on, but seems to like exploring outside though when we've gone.

Loves to sit next to me while I am on the couch and being massaged or on a pillow when I am working from home. She's met children a few times, but I would recommend that she be in a home with older children if any. Churrita loves to chew on things, including me, but I usually can distract her with a toy.

I would recommend someone who has had a dog before as she will need a bit more training and discipline than other dogs I've had.