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Name: Coco Bean

  • Mix/Breed: Chi / Terrier mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 7 months
  • Weight: under 20 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster



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Coco Bean is a super sweet and quiet dog that prefers being indoors. Her favorite activity is cuddling on the couch with her owner and playing with her toys. I don’t have any trouble leaving her alone, though I shut the door to my bedroom. She is friendly with both humans and other dogs (not sure with small children). She will go outside, but she is scared of street/car noises. She doesn’t bark or get aggressive, it just stresses her out, and her usually wagging tail goes down. With time and practice this is getting better, but she prefers being indoors. Coco Bean is potty trained to use pee pads and has good consistency of using the same space. If you want the perfect indoor companion, Coco Bean is the dog for you.