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Name: Daisy Mae

  • Mix/Breed: Rottweiler mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 4 yrs 2 months
  • Weight: 73 lbs
  • Location: Courtesy Listing


Adopt Me


I am at Marin Humane.

And, my adoption fee is waived!

You can contact me by:
Phone (415) 506-6225
Fax (415) 382-1349
Address 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato
My Animal ID: 240852

My people at Marin Humane say:
"Sweet Daisy Mae is looking to start the next chapter of her life. She's a lovely dog who enjoys nothing more than a good belly rub! She's energetic but calms quickly, likes to play with toys, and is very easy to handle... she let us trim her nails while she was laying on her side getting the above mentioned belly rubs!

Daisy Mae is social with other dogs but might be a bit rough and overwhelming with her greetings and play style. She's not a good candidate for the dog park, so plan on hand picking some appropriate friends for her for some fun play dates. Even though she likes other dogs, we suggest that Daisy Mae be the only dog in the household because she really doesn't want other dogs around when she's eating or chewing on a bone. She also doesn't want to share with people, either, so you'll want to work with her on this behavior to make sure that everyone stays safe. Talk to a member of our Behavior & Training staff during your pre-adoption consultation on how to best deal with this. Older, dog-savvy children would be best.

Daisy Mae is a sweet, loving girl who is going to make a great companion in the right home. If you're looking for a smart dog to join in your family's adventures, ask to meet her!"