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Name: Didi

  • Mix/Breed: Chi
  • Sex/Age: Female / 1.5 years
  • Weight: under 10 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


Adopt Me


Didi is the bestest friend anyone can have. She is the sweetest cuddle buddy and loves to take naps with you. Her little body is full of kisses and loves to be loved. She may ask for a lot of your attention at first, but after she understands that you’re hers to keep, she doesn’t mind giving you space. Like most small dogs, she loves to be carried around just about anywhere! However, she absolutely loves to go on walks! This girl has lot of energy to expend! She has experience socializing off leash with both small and large dogs, even cats! One of her favorite things to do includes playing chase and wrestle mania with my tabby cat at home. A few of her other favorite things to do include chewing on chew toys, playing fetch with her plushie toys, getting back scratches and full body massages, sunbathing, car rides, eating treats, hanging out with her small dog friends at daycare, and exploring at parks! With other dogs, she is still learning to manage her leash reactivity. But when in an off-leash setting (ie: parks, doggie daycare), she doesn’t bark much at all. In fact she’s actually great with all types of play styles. She does however do best socializing with small dogs, simply because bigs scare her at first. With people, she is a total social-butterfly, depending on the setting. She also has reactivity towards people in settings like elevators, while walking on the streets, down hallways, mainly because they’re strangers to her. But baby talk and time will allow her to warm up to new people. She is still learning the correct place to go potty. So frequent potty walks do the trick! She is a fast learner. Her diet includes both a wet and dry food mix and I make this for her twice a day. She may not eat it all in one sitting every time and she loves company to eat.

I think Didi would fit best in a household with someone who is happy and capable of giving her lots of cuddles and doesn’t mind a lap dog and a sleeping buddy. She is a very active dog who loves to run around. So having another friendly, furry, playful friend to run around with at home would keep her busy and content! Didi has an extra tooth which will probably need non-urgent medical attention so that she can live with a happy-healthy mouth. Didi is a very special girl, and anyone who commits to being her person for life will soon feel that they’re special too for having such a precious little girl in their life.