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Name: Donny

  • Mix/Breed: Terrier mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 3.5 years
  • Weight: under 25 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


Adopt Me


At this time we are no longer accepting applications, while we review the ones we have already received.

Hi there, Donny here! How do you feel about being greeted by a happy, wagging tail every time you walk in the room? Who wouldn’t love that – I’m your guy!

I’m a terrier mix, about 3 years old, with black and white cow spots and an under-bite. Here are some things I love: pets and scratches, belly rubs, leash walks, outdoor time, sunshine, fuzzy blankets, naptime, more walks, hanging out near you, dinnertime, treats, couch time, cozy beds, more walks! I LOVE car rides, and will settle immediately so we can go to fun places. We’ve walked past the “kitty house” in the neighborhood and I’m curious but not angry at the kitties. Squirrels catch my eye but I’ve always been on leash when I see one, so I haven’t gotten too close. I can chill out in my x-pen and I’m also potty trained. Like anyone, I do best with a schedule and when I’m not asked to hold it for too long.

Here are some things I’m still a little unsure about: being held up high (you’re pretty tall compared to me), loud yelling, grabbing and driveways that slope downward toward a house.

My foster brother is over 100 lbs and we get along fine. I’m learning some things from my foster brother like patiently waiting for my food to be prepared and being calm and quiet even when the neighbor’s dogs are barking their faces off. I’m also learning to wait a moment before I dive into my food.

When I’m happy, I’ll give you little grunts and squeaks to let you know. And most importantly, I’m pretty darn handsome, don’t you think?