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Name: Frita

  • Mix/Breed: Chi / Minpin
  • Sex/Age: Female / 4 months
  • Weight: under 10 lbs
  • Location: in Foster



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This little girl is amazing! She's super friendly and always in a good mood. She loves to play with foster mom's cat and will sleep happily with the other dog in the house and cat. She seems to get along with any dog or cat. Ignored the cat at first but became best friends fast. She's great in the car! I would take her with me to school drop offs and she just sits in the passenger seat and sleeps right away. Waited patiently in her seat until I came back. Also does great in a dog purse. Lays down right away and I took her to stores and restaurants and she was great.

Wonderful with kids! I have 2 little girls and she was always sweet to them. Never did I ever see any reason for concern. She's always giving them kisses. Her potty training is on going. She does well with a pee- pad but does have some poop accidents but not too often. She's not a picky eater and was happy with the high-end food I give my other dog. Loves avocados! And I put a little olive oil on her food for her fur and loved it!

She sleeps with my dog at night in the living room. Does not bark for me or bark during the night unless she saw a raccoon through the window but her barking didn't last long. And was rare. Didn't whine or bark when I left her. Went and laid down in her bed right after I left. She loves hanging outside with the other animals and kids. She would be with us for hours and be very content. We would often look over and see her basking in the sun. She's very mellow for a puppy. And not demanding. Likes to be chill next to her person. She definitely bonds to one person. She loves everyone in the family, but tends to snuggle and go to one person. This dog is a lover! She loves to be near her person always. She will follow you everywhere and be a happy go lucky girl.

She's really the sweetest dog. She wants to give love and be with her person always. She's great for someone who can be with her a lot. She's great in public and can go almost everywhere. She's a mellow little girl that wants love.