Our Dogs

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Name: Gordon

  • Mix/Breed: Terrier mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 4 months
  • Weight: under 30 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


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Things my foster mom says:
  • He loves everyone and everything...he's a giant flirt
  • He loves dogs but takes good social cues from the dogs who don't want to meet/play w puppy energy
  • He still has a *lot* of puppy energy...still getting into random stuff; loves to steal toilet paper, paper towels and shred them to bits, has the puppy chews
  • He's very hard to housebreak; some of this is my fault bc our yard was so flooded multiple days recently he had to swim a bit to get out the front door so it was kind of hard to get him to pee outside those days but he does pee on the pee pads if he has to go inside
  • He still zig-zags on a leash but we just found out we could go for walks so he's still learning; does not pull
  • He loves toys but definitely still teething; wonder if he's younger than we thought bc he's only lost a couple baby teeth so far (that I can tell)
  • He's fully convinced wall heaters are sentient beings and will try to give them his toys and rest directly against it (watchout safety/fire hazard)
  • He wants to meet cats but so far none of the neighbors' cats want to meet him and just hiss, so not sure on that
  • He will play bite w adults when over-tired (still working on that) but very gentle w children
  • He he does get cold (his fur is pretty thin)...but he doesn't shed much at all
  • He's curious, confident, stubborn, sweet, playful, very food motivated and loves to snuggle
  • He responds well to sit, come, no, off, not for puppies and excuse you...currently working on housebreaking (still), no biting (still), quiet, lie down, stay, heel, and shake
  • He's such an adorable good boy!