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Name: Grace

  • Mix/Breed: Pug / Terrier
  • Sex/Age: Female / 3.5 months
  • Weight: under 20 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


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We are no longer accepting applications for Grace.

Meet Grace! Is she part pug? Part Pekingese? Maybe even a Brussels Griffon? A bit of each? While we don't know Grace's ancestry, we do know that she and her brother Will were left in a box at a local shelter, clean and well-cared for, but abandoned nonetheless. We expect her previous caretaker was overwhelmed with their cuteness and just wanted to share it with the world. Too much cuteness can be deadly .

Grace is a happy, healthy, social little puppo. She greets all people and dogs with wags and kisses. She won the hearts of everyone at the vet office where she was spayed. She can be vocal if she thinks you are going to leave her behind, but settles down after a few minutes. She's good in the car and usually falls asleep almost instantly. Napping is one of her favorites.

Grace has beautiful markings and a wonderful curly tail. Her hair is on the longer side, especially on her tiny butt. She has an adorable underbite and her bottom baby teeth are always showing. She says "cheese" for all photos.

Grace is working on her potty training and needs to be taken out for pees often. She knows to use the potty pads in her exercise pen (but has been known to step in her poop), and sleeps overnight in a crate without accidents! Around the house we keep a close eye on her, and can usually tell she needs to go because she will start sniffing around. She's learning though and is very food motivated which always helps with training.

Grace is an absolute dream of a puppy and will make a great addition to any household.