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Name: Hawkeye


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From my foster:
“Hawkeye is a buff/white male kitty. He has two differently colored eyes: one is blue and the other is greenish yellow. He is more shy than his brother Buckeye but you can warm his heart by brushing his beautiful fur and tail. Then he rolls around in absolute delight for as long as you can keep combing and petting him! He will also overcome his shyness to eat treats from your hand. He is mellow most of the time, although like his brother Buckeye, he has an extremely playful side once he’s comfortable. He jumps on and wrestles with Hawkeye, goes completely bonkers around balls and springs, and responds well to catnip. He is skittish around new people and looks to his brother Buckeye for comfort and guidance. He really loves his brother Buckeye, and they need to be adopted together. They would do best in a quiet environment with no young children.