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Name: Higgins ADOPTED

  • Mix/Breed: Chi mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 9 years
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED


Adopt Me


My name is Higgins and I’m a Chihuahua mix (maybe Pomeranian, maybe Papillion!). I weigh less than 10 lbs. and I’m about 9 years old - I may have a few wild gray hairs, but I have a lot of life left in me and spring left in my step! I love napping, belly rubs, cheese, dog treats and hanging out with my people. I probably don’t have much obedience training in my past, but I’ll do almost anything for treats and I’m a quick learner. I’ll come over if I see you have an empty lap - it won’t be empty for long. I am house trained and I like a good leash walk to do my business and sniff around. My jumbo foster dog loved to sniff around, too, so we were a great pair. But sometimes I just wanted to run outside, potty, and run right back inside.

I met a 6-year old girl and she wanted to hold me and chase me and pick me up and she squealed and ran around and it was a little much for me to take.

I was adopted for a few weeks but had to come back to my foster home - the resident dog made it very clear that he didn’t want another dog in the house. It’s ok, it wasn’t his fault. We call that my Airbnb vacation! Here are a few things that my Airbnb mom said about me: “We were just starting to see Higgins get super excited when we'd come in from walks, esp last walkies of the night...Higgins would spring through the living room like a tiny little bunny and launch himself into his pile of fluff on the couch and sit there with the biggest smile. Just a genuinely happy little dude. While there may be a few bossy bones in Higgins’ little body, there is absolutely not a bad bone. He is a gem of a creature. Higgins will blossom in a home where someone will be happy to pet him (a lot!), take him on car rides (he's the BEST dog I've ever had in the car - so chill and totally game for the ride). 100% Non-reactive. Pure love. Lap dog, all the way. We also loved seeing him exercise his independence, too. Each night around 10pm, he'd pop up and drag his little feet (we call them slippers) & walk into the bedroom where his bed is and put himself to sleep. He wouldn't wake up most mornings until 9am and he'd be sunnyside up and totally content. He really makes us laugh. Also, he LOVES yoga. He'll happily sit on the mat with you, quietly.”

I’ll do best in a home with grown-ups and even respectful older kids. I’m also a good second dog, as long as you know your dog wants a roommate. I crave contact with my humans, so it’ll be best if you are around to spend time with me. And even better if you can type with only one hand - so the other hand can be petting me!