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Name: Jasper

  • Mix/Breed: Pitbull mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 2 years
  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


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--His Hopalong name was DEVO, he was only 11 wks old when adopted.

From his foster:
"I rescued Jasper when he was 11 weeks old. He’s now 2 yrs old! He is extremely smart. He loves to play with other dogs but does better with bigger dogs. He goes to dog parks and goes to daycare a few times a week and does great. He gets cold at night and loves to be covered with a blanket. Chest rubs are a must and he loves "dirt covered treats!" He will bury his treats and then eat them 5 mins later. If he hears the ice maker go off, he will meet you at the fridge for some ice cubes. He eats carrots. He knows many commands. He learns extremely fast with routines. Scratch his butt and you will see his "happy feet" dance!

Jasper likes to go under your legs when you are sitting or be on top of your feet while you're standing. He is crate trained and house trained. Jasper sleeps through the night with no problem unless he doesn't feel good. He will let you know when he is sad, his face will definitely show it. He can go for miles if you take him on a jog. He can be goofy and active or try to sit on your lap while you watch tv. He does great in a car, even wearing a seatbelt. If he's ever in your seat, just say, "Jasper, scoot over" and he will. He has the most gorgeous puppy eyes ever. He loves to be close to his human. Jasper is the most handsome pup you will ever see. He has passed Puppy and Intermediate training with flying colors. (See left.) He has all of his vaccinations including his flu shot. He is fixed and microchiped. I can provide references from both his trainers and from his daycare. I would like to send him to his new home with some of his things. His toys, crate, blanket, sweater, jacket, leash, harnesses, seat belt, gentle lead, bed and some food that he's used to while you transfer him to food that you prefer.

Cons: As sweet as Jasper is, he is a very sensitive dog. He isn’t a fan of his paws being touched, so he needs someone with probably no kids that are too young. He’s also a little dog selective and he does love most dogs, he is very picky about who his friend is. He prefers dogs that are playful and chill. He shouldn’t go to a home with smaller animals. He isn’t sure what to do when he sees a cat, so he’ll chase."