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Name: Jenna

  • Mix/Breed: DSH / Tabby
  • Sex/Age: Female / 2 years
  • Weight:
  • Location: in Foster


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From my foster:
“Jenna is shy but super loving once she learns to trust you. She regularly seeks out pets now, and will lay next to you and purr loudly and contentedly, even rolling onto her back to show you she is really happy. She prefers to come to you though, approaching her directly can scare her off unless she is already in the mood for attention. She loves sleeping next to you on the couch or bed but isn't into direct cuddles or sitting on laps yet, but may be warming up to it. She talks in the cutest little chirps and burbles, announcing her presence when looking for attention but never yells loudly. She loves to chase her foster buddy around the house, or to be chased, so would do fine with other cats but would prefer friends who aren't interested in too rough or aggressive play (i.e. wrestling), and would likely also be happy as the only kitty. Because she scares easily she'd do better in a home without young children or dogs. She loves having her soft fur gently brushed, is obsessed with her feather wand toy, and is non-picky about her food or litter box.”