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Name: Jitterbug

  • Mix/Breed: Yorki mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 10 months
  • Weight: under 10 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED



Jitterbug is the sweetest little 10 month old Yorkie mix puppy! She loves scratches and affection, lying quietly next to you on the couch, playing fetch and tug of war with her itsy-bitsy toys, and exploring the backyard (with supervision—she’s so tiny, it wouldn’t take much for her to escape!). She’s been sleeping in a crate at night without complaining. But she is a puppy, so she’s still learning house-training. (She goes when we take her out but doesn’t ask to go out. If she has to go while we’re away, she uses a pee pad.) And when she’s bored, she gets a little mouthy, playing with her ID tag or gently gnawing on your fingertips (she stops when you tell her “no” or give her a toy to chew on instead).

In the house and yard, she’s as sweet and confident as can be. But on walks, she gets fearful. She’s skittish around people, dogs, and movement—freezing or trying to run the other direction. She would be best for someone with a fenced-in backyard or someone with the patience to help her build up her bravery on walks.