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Name: Josh


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From my foster:
“Josh is a charmingly handsome male kitten who will quickly capture your heart. He looks identical to his twin brother Drake and they are the best of friends. Josh's fur is soft and smooth and he doesn't mind being brushed. Josh is an easygoing curious kitten who likes to explore and loves to play with cat toys. He is quick to bond with his human(s) and is very tolerant especially when being held and cuddled. He is quick to purr when being petted or held in your arms. When feeling sleepy Josh will seek out a cozy spot to curl up in. One of Josh's many fun qualities is he loves to sit in a box & he likes to watch TV! Josh gets along well with other cats of various ages and will share the same food/water bowl & litter box. He has been eating First Mate dry food. Josh is a wonderful kitten and a favorite among my family. He is the perfect companion and is sure to bring lots of joy to any family.”