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Name: Lola Bunny

  • Mix/Breed: Terrier mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 3 years
  • Weight: under 20 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


Adopt Me


Hi there, I’m Lola Bunny! My friends at Hopalong added “Bunny” to my name after they saw me playing and being silly. I’m cute and playful and active and I love toys. But please don’t get me those “little dog toys,” I want a full-size tennis ball (or bigger!) or a large stuffed toy, those are my favorites so far. I can play by myself, with you, or with another dog who wants to join in the fun.

I’m a good dog and want to make you happy. I’ll sleep in your lap, at your side, or on the floor nearby. I sleep in my own bed at night at my foster home, but if you want me to sleep in your bed at night, I’ll snuggle in close and keep you warm.

I will follow you around because I want to be with you. I will bond to you quickly. And I’m learning some really great things with my foster family, like walking nicely and next to my foster mom on leash – I love a good walk. I’m learning to wait before I dive into my food or run into or out of the house.

I don’t bark much, neither does my foster brother, but if you have a barky dog, you’ll need to keep working with me on barking only at the right times. For some reason, “sit” has been a tough one for me, but my foster mom says I’ve been so good with “wait” and with my leash manners that she’ll be patient as we continue to work on “sit.”

I’m potty-trained if you can take me outside or with potty pads indoors. I sleep in a large pen at my foster family’s house and can usually hold it through the night, but sometimes I will use my potty pad. I am pretty good in the car and like to ride around, but please buckle me in, otherwise, I’ll roam around and want to be in your lap.

So far, I’ve had no reaction to cats or birds. I’m very curious when another dog walks by when we are outdoors, and I might “woof” once quickly, but that’s probably because I want to play and say hi. I haven’t really shown any naughty habits other than maybe trying to get the tennis ball from my foster brother…when it’s in his mouth. But we are just playing.

I’m just a sweet dog with soulful eyes, spotted skin and an underbite who wants to find her forever home for a lifetime of cuddles and play. And snacks. Did I mention I like food?!