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Name: Macaroon ADOPTED

  • Mix/Breed: Chi mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 1 year
  • Weight: under 15 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED


Adopt Me


Hi, I’m Macaroon! I used to live in a field, so I may be super shy, and have a serious look on my face, but believe me, I’m a sweet guy! I love other dogs and won’t hesitate to curl right up to my new fur sibling(s). I think I’m best in a home with another dog that I can follow and cuddle with!! I’m not sure what a walk is, or what a cat is, but I’d like to learn. I’m very good about going on my pee pads in my pen, but I like to do my business when no one is looking. I also eat when no one is looking but I’ll probably eat treats less secretly. I may take a while letting go of my shyness, so please be patient. I will like you and have more confidence, I just need a little time to realize you’re my new family! 5/18