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Name: Maddox

  • Mix/Breed: DSH / Charcoal Grey
  • Sex/Age: Male / 8 years approx.
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Location: Courtesy Post


Adopt Me


This is an exceptional cat and will become your best friend. A gentle giant, intelligent, playful, sensitive and extremely loving. A rare soul and wonderful male energy. He’s curious, smart and quick to learn. He loves games and doesn’t like playing alone much. He trills (talks) often and is vocal when frustrated -- if not around you, or wants the lid off the kibble jar. He places his paw on your hand -- for a pet, and will come when you pat the place next to you. He’s a pleaser and a show-off.

A big loveable guy weighing 17 pounds. He is FIV+ and about 8 years old – tho he acts so much younger. He’s had all the usual bloodwork, vaccinations, dewormed, de-flea-ed, and microchipped. He’s healthy and should lead a long indoor life.

He was rescued from the Oakland Morcom Rose Garden in January. No microchip and no luck finding previous owner. He’s been living on the streets. He has re-adjusted well to indoor life. I must find him a great home. My 2 small rescued tabbies will not accept him, he feels the rejection. I am sad. He simply wants to be around “his” person(s). He’s a sweetheart. You’ll be lucky to have him in your life.

He is very sensitive and very intelligent. He will see this as a second abandonment. Please be an experienced and loving cat person to weather the period of adjustment. To meet Maddox, please email: sheilajh9@gmail.com