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Name: Mamas ADOPTED

  • Mix/Breed: Pitbull / Terrier
  • Sex/Age: Female / 2 years
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED


Adopt Me


Hi! My name is Mamas! I came to Hopalong recently from the fires near Solano. My family surrendered me and Hopalong took me under their wing! I'm now in foster and loving it!

My foster daddy says this about me:
She's very much in love with her toys, and will often be carrying one around. Hasn't quite figured out sharing but if you can get a toy she'll gladly chase after it. Keep-away is a favorite game of hers. Ahe loves to run away with her toy in her mouth!

She's full of energy and will need a yard to run. She'll very readily play on her own, but absolutely loves running around in sprinklers. If you invite her, she'll gladly occupy your couch, lap, bed, etc.

She's Sometimes unsure about people, introductions should be done cautiously and carefully, it's best if she's allowed to approach without someone approaching her. It really spooks her so she needs an experienced family that can continue exposing her so she's more comfortable strangers. At the moment if you just ignore her or play with a toy near her, shel'll be your friend.

She's very attentive so she'll let you know when someone approaches the door if she has a viewport or hears them. Listens well and is food motivated, training with treats should be easy, no food aggression and will wait to be told to eat at meal times. Always loves a good scratch and plays gently.

Hopalong says:
We think she's dog selective, which means she can be jealous of other dogs. She is being fostered with no other dog, but she did meet a smaller dog when she arrived and wasn't happy having a companion. We think she is best as a solo dog or a bigger dog. We were told she was with kids prior to coming to Hopalong, but we can't advice how she would be since she hasn't been exposed to any while with us.

We want the best home for her and hope you're it!