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Name: Marley ADOPTED

  • Mix/Breed: Chi mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 6 years
  • Weight: under 20 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED


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Meet sweet Marley. He is a confident trooper, always ready for his walks, easy, and has a GREAT love for his teddy bears. He was quite overwhelmed coming from shelter to our house, but for each day his personality shines through. He loves walks. He is a great little walker, he walks confident on leash and doesn't pull. He loves Teddy Bears and he loves belly rubs and attention. If left alone he does cry, but not like a cry like any other dog. It sounds seal-like, sometimes you get confused what the noise is about. However, he does eventually calm down. It would be recommended at first to ease in when leaving him alone.

One thing to know about Marley is his resource guarding; especially around food specifically; sometimes his toys too. He doesn't want anyone to mess when eating. If he goes into a household with other animals, at first I would separate when it's food time. He has had a few accidents in our house, but only a few.

Overall he is a great little character that deserves lots of love and attention. He is so sweet and it's amazing to watch him blossom the more confident he gets in our house. Who adopts Marley will get a confident Teddy Bear loving dog.