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Name: Mazzy

  • Mix/Breed: Terrier mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 5 years
  • Weight: under 20 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


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Meet Mazzy. This blonde terrier mix gal with an adorable tiny underbite will melt your heart. Work from home? Excellent! She wants to be right next to you while you zoom. Planning lots of summer picnics? Fantastic! This easy going and charming gal with a soft terrier coat and magic ears, will be the perfect companion to hang out in the park and meet up with friends! She is very fond of belly rubs and chin scrtiches. She has a the cutest tail that is in constant motion when she’s happy. You’re gonna fall right in love with her wee paws, adoring brown eyes, and little happy sounds. She also has an itty bitty mohawk.

She was a little overwhelmed when she joined us but she warmed up quickly and her gem of a personalty came right out once she was comfortable. We suspect she may have another adjustment period in her forever home, but once she’s settled she’ll light right up. Ms. Mazzy will be very easy to train, though she may be a little distracted by how great you are and how much she’d like to snuggle with you. She adapted quickly to a harness and is a dream to walk on leash. As she's gained confidence she likes to explore the yard and check out new things. She is a lot faster than she looks so a fenced yard or home she can’t easily get out of would be ideal. We think she might be into fetch so definitely try it out! She has done great with crate training and quickly made it her little sanctuary. She has snuggled up in there for naps and bed time without any issue, and does not mind if the door is closed. While she absolutely wants to be next to you any chance she gets, she’s also fine to retreat to a dog bed or soft blanket to chill out.

Mazzy has been hanging out with two dogs, one is quite wild and overly enthusiastic about greetings, but she handled herself well and let out a very small grr to claim her space. We think she’d get along well with other pups and potentially a cat, as she draws her own boundaries and respects others. She knows play bows and can let you know when she’s not interested in playing. She will definitely get a long with kids. She has a sweet nature and has never nipped and has never responded aggressively. She has no food guarding behaviors. She currently doesn’t recognize a specific name but she will come running right over with any type of excited c’mere expressions. She is house trained and has no problem doing her business outside.

Mazzy is going to make a brilliant companion for anyone looking for a pup who just wants to snuggle.