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Name: Moriarty ADOPTED

  • Mix/Breed: Chi mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 7 months
  • Weight: under 15 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED


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His name is Professor Moriarty, and there are only 2 words that describe him: "LOVE BOMB". His foster family has 2 dogs, and all three get along great, but more than anything, Moriarty just wants to spend his day on your lap if he can.

Despite his name, "Moriarty", he's far from a villain. He doesn't chew your furniture nor your leather shoes (not even your flip flops from a dollar store), he doesn't have food aggression, nor he digs to escape. The foster also thinks he's potty trained, if not entirely, must be pretty close to being done. No accidents so far!

He just got separated from 4 other brothers and sisters recently, and that maybe why he is a little bit shy at first. Just give him two minutes. That's all it takes for him to warm up to you. That said, he is still unsure about the world and gets frightened from time to time. He is looking for a forever home where he can feel safe, love, and be loved, and explore the world together. He truly is a Gooood Boy, and possibly, could be your special "one".