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Name: Nina



Nina is a very special girl. She is super sweet and mellow. She’s shy to start and needs a little time to feel comfortable in a new environment, but she’s an extremely docile, gentle, sweet soul who values a calm environment and lots of love from her people.

Nina has cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), which is a neurological condition which makes coordination and balance difficult for her. This is a condition that won’t get any worse with time and has no treatment. It doesn’t affect her life expectancy at all, but she will need an adopter who understands her condition and gives her the proper environment where she can thrive. She has no problem using the litter box or walking around, she’s just wobbly and uncoordinated. She needs a single story, indoor-only home. She was sadly given up by her previous home because they moved to a house with stairs, and she was a fall risk.