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Name: Oohla

  • Mix/Breed: Chiweenie
  • Sex/Age: Female / 3 years
  • Weight: under 10 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED


She’s been with her pups, exposed to many dogs, people, kids and other foster puppies. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Because of her earlier life, the street, traffic, cars, do frighten her. She would do best in a quieter environment with adult(s), another calm dog ok.

Oohla undoubtedly will be your best friend, she loves to sit on the couch with you, lay beside you (she’s not a bed hog), share a few snacks, and watch whatever you want to watch on tv. She is most content keeping you company, chewing on a bully stick, and soaking up some sun. If you have a comfortable and easy-going environment, this girl is for you! She is sweet, social, gentle, low to no-maintenance, and in essence, the perfect companion.

Two foster families have shared her, and we both can’t emphasize enough what an easy dog she is. She’s housebroken, has great recall, doesn’t dig or chew inappropriately. She gets so excited when you come home and gives you a warm welcome with lots of tippy-taps and waves her front paws at you. She’s a bit of a watch dog around her babies and loves to “secure the perimeter”, checking each inch of the yard. With her foster brother she can be a bit of an alarm barker with strangers, but is easily corrected.

She can do no wrong, she’s such a love bug and bonds very quickly with her caretakers. She is looking for someone to share her unconditional love and companionship.

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Oohla didn’t have the sweetest dog life in her younger years. She grew up in a dog hoarding house, but luckily she was rescued from that environment. We took her in when she had 5 puppies, only days old. The first day we had her, she knew she was in a safe place. She warmed up to us immediately, as if she was saying, “All I want is to be safe and have someone love me, and I promise you, I will love you in return”. She let me hold her and her babies. She trusted us, and we bonded immediately. I took her outside and placed her on the grass, she sat and stared at the sky and trees for 20 minutes, mesmerized, so happy and content, as if she had never been outside before. And that was day one, from that moment, she knew she was free and trusted us to love here and her babies.