Our Dogs

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Name: Ozzie and Yogi

  • Mix/Breed: Pekingese mix
  • Sex/Age: Males / 4 and 5 years old
  • Weight: under 30 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster



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Hello, our names are Ozzie (4 years old, under 30 lbs., white/brown/black) and Yogi (5 years old, under 25 lbs., all black with white). We have been living in a foster home for long enough to forget the difficult situation we once were in, and now have blossomed in a safe environment. We were named Ozzie and Yogi for reasons that reflect our personalities. For Ozzie, think of the Wizard of Oz; Ozzie likes to act like the grand and all knowing Oz to his brother Yogi, but he is really a soft touch behind the curtain. Yogi is the best dog at stretching slowly as he gets up and also has the mellow temperament of a yogi. We are very bonded and our personalities are complimentary; we love to play, walk and nap together. Meet us as a pair and you will see our charm! We are move in ready:)