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Name: Jelly

  • Mix/Breed: Chi / Terrier mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 3 months
  • Weight: under 20 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED 1/12


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This tan and black sweetie will snuggle her way into your heart. She is a black and tan chihuahua mix with the cutest pug-like face and tortilla chip ears. She will happily snuggle into a warm spot and will find her way into your hoodie to cozy in. Her tail wags like crazy when she spots you! She is curious and loves to have a good run around in the yard. She would do well in an apartment that has been puppy-proofed as she loves exploring. She has a little chirp and will let you know when it's time for attention. She has done very well with kids aged 10 and up and would probably do well with a 5 year old or older who can understand she's a puppy in teething mode and may nip. She doesn't have experience with a cat, and might do ok with another dog of the same size or somewhat larger. She has been very interested in our 12 and 25 pounder pups. Jelly is very interested in meeting new people and has done very well socializing with lots of different folks. She knows about 75% of fetch.

She is treat focused and will likely be very easy to train. She does "potty" outside successfully and while she will need some time to adapt to her new home, she will do very well with positive reinforcement (she likes being cheered on outside for "potty"). She's an adorable and sweet puppy who enjoys a post-zoomie lap for snuggles and climbing into your hoodie for a snooze. You'll fall right away for this puppy who is happy to have a run outside and then fall asleep, curled up in your arms.