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Name: Picadilly


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From my foster:
“Piccadilly (pink ribbon with dots) is a petite and sweet gray female kitten. Even though she’s the smallest one in the litter, she has no problem keeping up with her siblings and is not afraid of other cats. She runs after the laser pointer and her toys with great energy, her tiny paws galloping as fast as they can. Piccadilly wrestles with her larger brothers and sisters, but can also show her caring side by grooming them. She loves to sit on the back of the sofa to look out the window. Her curiosity goes for your food too; she’s always nosing around to see what you’re eating. She enjoys being held and petted, though she’s much too busy and curious to hang out in one place for long. She is tightly bonded with her siblings and should be adopted with one of them or there should be another very active cat in the house.”