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Name: Raley


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From my foster:
“Raley is a very sweet and playful cat. She has cute squeaky mews when she wants your attention, or just to say hi. She likes to sit close to her humans. She rewards pets with consistent purring, and will also sometimes purr when she’s simply close to you and feeling happy. This beautiful girl enjoys sitting by open windows and watching the birds and other happenings outside.

Raley LOVES to play! She goes crazy for the “cat dancer” toy in particular, and will leap and chase it with fervor. She will chase down flies with similar fervor. She also loves playing with stick toys under a large sheet of paper or fabric… the unseen moving!! She also gets the ‘zoomies’, racing from one room to another.

Raley is a bit skittish. She scares easily, and will retreat to safe locations or hiding when encountering sudden movements or loud noises. It takes her a while to get comfortable in her surroundings and with her humans, but her confidence unfolds more and more each day. Raley is not fond of other cats, so would probably be happier as the sole pet in a household.”