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Name: Robbie

  • Mix/Breed: Chi mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 2 years
  • Weight: under 15 lbs.


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Robbie and his brother Carl are two chiweenie/terrier mixes that came from a hoarding situation. They are still pretty shy and getting used to the real world, but their individual personalities are starting to emerge.

They both have a lot of chihuahua characteristics - small size, huge ears, suspicious demeanors. But they also have lots of dachshund - long bodies and noses, love to burrow in blankets, and experience the world through their nose - sniffing everything and occasionally poking you in the leg to say hi. They look like a cross between a basenji and a corgi. They speed walk everywhere, moving as fast as their tiny legs will carry them without running. Running is saved for morning zoomies when they run and play, driving their foster brother crazy.

They are the sweetest boys. They are never growly or aggressive, even when they are super unsure. They love to be near and just stare at you, like little stalkers. If they feel safe they will both play with toys, and love a good chew stick.

Robbie is the more shy of the two, and tends to observe the scene from a distance. He's quickly learning that people can be pretty fun and if picked up sweetly, he'll snuggle right into your neck. They can be adopted together or separately! They'd benefit from a doggie friend if adopted separate.

Because of their shyness I think both boys would do best in an adult only home. They are good with other dogs so far, and are doing great on their potty training. They can both hold their pee for an incredibly long time and have learned to go in the designated pee spot in the backyard.

What wonderful puppos!!