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Name: Slinky

  • Mix/Breed: DSH / Tabby
  • Sex/Age: Female / 1 year
  • Weight:
  • Location: in Foster


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Slinky is an awesome, friendly kitty. She was adopted from us in May, but was sadly returned recently due to severe allergies in the home. Here’s what her adopter had to say about her:

“She's still young & acts like a kitten (she's still just over a year old). She's a purr machine. As in nonstop. And it's not hard to get her purring--she starts as soon as she sees us! She's talkative--she'll "talk" with you! And she's especially "talky" when she wants you to play with her! She genuinely likes people--she doesn't just see us as "food providers". She socializes even when food isn't involved. In fact, amazingly, she shows no interest in "people food", including poultry & fish! She doesn't beg, she doesn't bother you at meals. She's perfectly happy with her kibble. She's social, but she also likes to hide. She loves to crawl into boxes and other small spaces. She gets really happy & playful if you put her into/under a small box or basket, then tease her with toys. She's smart. She's figured out how to open doors & drawers. (to find more places to hide!) She'll play fetch. And she'll also play ball. She loves balls. She loves to climb, and uses her cat tree a lot. She's also tolerant of a cat harness and leash. We take her walking in our condo complex's hallways. Slinky is practically perfect in every way, and deserves the best home ever.”