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Name: Sonic


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Sonic and Knuckles are a bonded pair of sweet, playful, gorgeous kittens! They are super soft, and very affectionate and friendly. They have lots of energy and curiosity, and are so entertaining to watch. These two will make amazing family additions!

Both Sonic and Knuckles have had a rough start to life, first coming into the shelter with really bad upper respiratory infections likely caused by the herpes virus. Knuckles has adhesion of her third and lower eyelids, and Sonic had corrective surgery for entropion (a condition where his eyelids folded inwards, causing much discomfort). Both still have pronounced inner eyelids due to scarring and their eyes will most likely always look a little abnormal, but they have made lots of improvement and are in no discomfort. Because they likely have the herpes virus, it may flare up from time to time (particularly in times of stress). They need an indoor-only home and an owner that understands this condition.