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Name: Stella

  • Mix/Breed: Pitbull mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 4 years
  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


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From my foster:
Stella is a sweet girl! Super treat motivated and will work for food! Her tail wags so hard from excitement that's it hard to not give in. Stella is learning commands and doing well with them. She really is the best companion!

In the car she's fantastic and observant. She likes sitting up and watching everything that happens. She doesn't do much with her head out the window, but she's very observant. On walks, in the beginning she can tug or pull you along in her direction and focus. Once she's content that she's out walking she starts to listen a lot better. Heeling is very difficult, but with good repeated training she'll improve.

My recommendations would be for an owner who has had dogs before, as a first dog she'll probably walk all over the owner with her stubbornness. Everyone's different, but she'll need a lot of patience and someone who will set boundaries full time for the rest of her life. She learns very slowly, and I can somewhat see that she'll fall out of it if relaxed. She sometimes has a guilty look when she's done something she thinks might be questionable... it's kinda cute and makes me wonder what happens sometimes. She also has ready command of her front paws. Stella is best in an only dog home! She rather have all the attention to herself! We don't think she would share attention with cats either.

Let's help her find a home!! She is a very sweet girl, also spent over 4 months at a local shelter until Hopalong came in!