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Name: Superstar ADOPTED

  • Mix/Breed: Italian Greyhound/Chi mix
  • Sex/Age: Female / 8 months
  • Weight: under 25 lbs.
  • Location: ADOPTED


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Superstar is the cutest Italian Greyhound-Chihuahua mix you've ever seen. She has the classic apple head of a chihuahua, but the body of an Italian Greyhound. She is sweet-natured and gentle, yet also exceptionally playful and athletic like the classic "Iggy", but also has the loyalty and sass of a chihuahua. She bonded very quickly with her foster parents and their small dog. She's very intelligent and wants to please, so positive reinforcement has gone a long way in her training. She is potty trained and has only had a few accidents in the house when she first arrived in foster, mainly from nerves and smell confusion. Now she happily does her business in the backyard.

Superstar is really a dream dog - her only limitation right now is she has a bit of separate anxiety which is not unusual for dogs in her situation (owner surrendered and confused about her new home). She will protest bark a bit when she is first left behind, and then again when you arrive home (more out of excitement). The show she puts on when you come back, after 5 minutes or 5 hours is quite the performance! She just wants to be with her people. She can be a bit shy with new folks, but it not aggressive and doesn't hide, she's just cautious with strangers. Again, she loves her foster family and can usually be found curled up in a lap or armpit, happily sharing couch time or helping with homework.

*We think Superstar is best in a home with older kids. We think 12 and up that can be patient with her as she’s very shy. Thanks!! 10/10