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Name: Tali

  • Mix/Breed: Hound mix
  • Sex/Age: Male / 10 years
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Location: in Foster


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This beautiful 40 lbs mix is a delightful companion on my 40-60 minute jogs in the hills, but a little slow for my daughter’s 8-9 minutes mile running pace. After a jog, he is super chill for the rest of the day. He will try to chase cats, squirrels and big birds, but is easily distracted when I use his harness and voice. He will growl at other dogs when they come too close, so likely will need a lot of training, or, better, be in a home with no other dogs or cats.

He sure acts very youthful and is wonderfully lively for his age of 10. Potty trained, quiet and sleeps well at night. He was a bit fearful of us at first, but after a few weeks of cuddles and love, he comes bounding up to us now when we get home. He has been friendly to all of our family and to kind passers by who want to pet him. We will miss him! He is a true love!!

A little bit about Tali, he came to Hopalong from a hoarding case, he lived most of his life in a crate. He had horrible skin, dental and other issues. He is all healthy now and happy! After living several years without much socialization we hope he finds the best home.

*Needs to be in a home with no dog or cat*